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Our Work


In 1990, Peniel Church started with just 10 people and was established as a place for the people to come seek and find God. The church has grown to over 400 people in 3 locations: Peniel church in Sebothoane Ha Mphuthing; Valley of Hope in Moteng; and the Ha Seetsa branch. Peniel challenges men, women and children to commit themselves to being followers of Christ and trains them to become leaders of their families, the church and the community.

Areas of ministry include:

  • Prayer/intercession

  • Sunday worship services

  • Bible study groups for young people 13- upward

  • Sunday school for under 12s

  • Men’ group

  • Women’s groups the church.

  • Home cells

  • Youth ministry

  • Counselling


October 1988 saw the launch of Joy to the World Schools with 20 pre-school children, which currently has 120 enrolled children. The primary school was launched in 1990 with 20 children coming from the pre-school and currently has 360 children enrolled in Grades 1-7. In 1992, the Secondary school was launched and currently has 330 learners enrolled in Grades 8-12. Since 1988, over 10,000 learners have passed through Joy to he world schools and several learners have proceeded to further education and are successful and productive citizens. The goal remains to meet the challenge of providing quality Bible-based education for children from Pre-School through High School and to accept all students seeking admission regardless of their ability to pay.


Bible School and Leadership Institute was launched in 1990, to train men, and women that have decided to commit themselves to Christ and be trained as leaders. Over 300 Christian leaders, nurses, pastors and other workers have passed through the program.  



The International Medical Missionary Center was established to care for the sick and wounded. The Medical Center serves to fulfill the mission of providing medical and physical care to the people of Lesotho. Over the last 25 years, Dr. C. Y. Knight's Memorial Hospital - The International Medical Missionary Center has:

  • „Served more than 500 infertility patients served in the community over the last 25 years to have babies.

  • „Provided HIV terminal patients care.

  • „Treated, cared for and counselled mine laborers who come with TB, and HIV.

  • „Provided emergency care to more than 600 patients. 

  • „Provided an increasing number of diabetic and hype tensions patients treatment every year.

  • „Provided counseling and spiritual and emotional care for  all patients.

  • „Trained 30 individuals in basic dental hygiene and nursing.

Psycho-social & Physcial

The Good Samaritan Road House is an outreach programme to orphans and vulnerable children. It includes a feeding programme that feeds 45 children weekly, and includes play time, and workshops helping the children to know God as their father. The programme also includes community outreach that goes into the community to provide support to these children, many of whom have lost their parents or do not live in suitable home conditions.


Esther's Home is a girls' hostel which houses between 60-80 young women a year, preparing them to be empowered young women dedicated to Christ and to being model members of society, as well as leaders in their sphere of influence. Over 500 young women have been served in this program since its launch.

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